Global Opportunities


Global Opportunities was founded in 1991 by Chris Wreghitt as a worldwide consultancy and sales and marketing agency, specialising in the bicycle, toy and fitness markets.

Chris' background is very much in bikes, having raced successfully as a professional cyclist until 1984. He was five times British Cyclocross Champion and raced professionally with the Bianchi Piaggio Professional Team in Italy.

From 1984 until 1991, Chris worked for Halfords, Europe's largest bicycle retailer. Chris pioneered the development of Halford's Apollo and Carrera brands and Apollo is now the biggest selling brand of bike in the UK . Chris became the first General Manager of Halford's Bicycle Two Wheel Division, before leaving in 1991 to set up his own company, Global Opportunities.

Since 1991 Chris has worked with many leading bicycle, bicycle accessory, toy and fitness companies to help them to set up and manage their distribution, often on a worldwide basis.

Global Opportunities has established and managed sales for Bike brands; Saracen, Land Rover and ViVi Bikes and is currently responsible for the export sales of Whyte Bikes, Avanti and ABD BMX.

Global Opportunities was responsible for establishing the European market for Slime Tyre Sealant and ODI Grips.

Global Opportunities also undertakes sales and marketing consultancy projects to assist manufacturers and distributors to maximise their potential in the market.

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