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Frequently asked questions

1) Globes

Q How do I change a bulb?
A See attached instructions

Q What is the specification of the bulbs in Nova Rico and National Geographic globes?
A LED globe bulb 2 w, 220 v, E14

Q In what language are globes that we supply.
A All globes that are supplied by Global Opportunities are in English and illuminated globes come supplied with a 3 pin UK plug

2) Bex Sport

Q Where do Bex garden games come from?
A The Bex games are designed in Sweden, but most are made in China from sustainable plantation wood

Q Are Gamesson table games suitable for outdoor use.
A The table games are not water proof and are not therefore suitable for being used and left outside

Q Are Gamesson table games suitable for semi commercial use.
A. Most Gamesson table games are designed for domestic use and are not recommended for use in a semi commercial environment, with the exception of the Madrid football table, which is designed for competition use

3) Lisciani

Q Where are lisciani games made?
A. All Lisciani games are designed in Italy, by their 20 strong specialist R&D team . 80 % of the games are then made in their own factory in Italy, where they have their own paper and plastic making facilities. Only electronic parts are made outside italy